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The 3 day package has been specifically designed to provide you with the opportunity to hit the pause button and re-set. Not only does the package provide an abundance of nutrients for internal 'cleansing', by allowing your body to take a rest, consuming nothing but the good stuff, you'll move through each day feeling brighter, lighter and motivated for more. It's a full mind, body, soul connected experience as we say here at NT. You just can't beat that feel good energy and if you take a look at the testimonials page, the results speak for themselves.


The package comes with each juice and blend labelled at the top of the bottle indicating the order to be consumed and includes organic lemons for hot lemon water each day as we recommend staying hydrated throughout your cleanse. We've also thrown in an NT pen if like us, you like to journal your juicy experience. Full 'How To' package details can be found in our FAQ's and did you know that we are the only juice company on the market to provide you with a juice package that includes 100% raw juice AND blends? That's right, it's the full package here at NT and if you find yourself sat there wondering what's the difference between a juice and a blend then head on over to our FAQ's for all the juicy info. For anything else, please don't hesitate to contact us either by our social platforms or email: where Becca or one of the team is on hand to support.


Are you ready to reset, kicking those unwanted habits you've fallen into and replacing them with new and improved, fresh and inspired, healthy happy lifestyle choices? well then, let's go!


We hope you love it as much as we do and we can't wait to hear your juicy feedback :)


All NT Juices and Blends are raw and unpasteurised made from fresh fruit and vegetable produce, frozen that same day to retain nutrient quality. From our freezer to yours, they remain safe to store for up to 6 months. Once thawed, for maximum healthy happy results, consume within 3 days. Juiced with love from our home kitchen where celery is present.

The Full 3 Day Cleanse Package

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