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Just done 6days of NT JUICE loved it! After Christmas I felt a bit bloated and sick of eating rubbish, first day was A bit hard but each day got easier and easier. I had hot water and lemon first thing with a ginger shot, a juice for breakfast, juice for lunch and then a sensible tea at night, the juices are really tasty. Three days before starting the cleanse I cut out all the bad stuff, coffee etc and feel great, I can't wait for my next reset. Thank-you Becca!

Caroline Willshaw

Oh my goodness they are just so tasty!!!

They are all different and so bright and lovely. I felt amazing after 3 days, just new and nice and lovely. I plan to order again soon....

I definitely recommend trying some! Oh and you should know Becca is lovely & helpful sharing her knowledge about what you are putting into your body and the wonderful things they can do!

Stephanie Jayne Anderson

Just finished the juice package. Can't believe how varied & tasty the juices /blends & shots were. And lovely surprise in the last juice. Won't lie, it wasn't easy and day 2 was the hardest. I wanted to do the package to 'reset' after Christmas and to get back into healthy eating - practice what I preach! And it did not disappoint. Day after finishing I run my fastest 5k in a while and the weight loss of 6lbs is just an added bonus. Can not recommend highly enough. Thank you x

Diane Allan

I've been using NT for a few years now, Becca knows my favourites and on many occasions has squeezed me in for a 3 day juice package or a 30 day supply of ginger shots!


Lots of my regular PT clients are big fans too. I'd highly recommend if you need a boost, and if you like fresh, raw, PROPER juices and juice blends.

Mags McKeown

The most amazing juices! Every single one tastes amazing and are all so refreshing. 10/10 the best by far xx

Chloe-Ami Harwood

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