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  • What is Juicing?
    Juicing is a method used to extract the liquid from the whole fruit and vegetables. The juicer extracts the liquid from the solid form disposing of the hard to digest insoluble fibre, leaving the easy to digest soluble fibre. This is one of the greatest benefits of juicing as it gives your body the rest it needs from the body's largest processes - the digestive system.
  • Why Juice?
    Here at NT we are all about putting your health first. Our first step to doing that is by taking a step away from the habits we currently hold that effect our health in a negative way, one being the modern diet! Our gut is known as our second brain and so the food that we eat dramatically changes our mood, our health and the way we live our lives. By taking a break from the standard, processed diet that we are accustomed to we give our bodies time to rest and rejuvenate. We allow the cells in our body to refresh and rest from over processed foods and drinks. By consuming only raw, natural juice we give our body the nutrients in needs to survive and thrive. When we eat well, we feel well and so not only will your health begin to improve your mind will improve too. Your mood will lift and your outlook on life will change. Fresh starts create new habits and new habits create healthy lifestyles.
  • What are the health benefits of Juicing?
    Juicing is a great way to give your body and mind an opportunity to hit the re-set button. By consuming raw juice and blends you are consuming 100% nutrition. You're providing your body with concentrated nutrients direct to your cells for cell energy. No man made extras, no nasties, no chemicals or preservatives, just a pretty bad ass 100% juice. So what you can expect to see after you start your juice journey? • Hair, skin and nail improvement • Sleep quality • Increased energy • Elevated mood • Smooth running cognition • A sweet running bladder routine All of this contributes to having a healthy mind and body. Because when you're feeling good, you're choosing well, and when you're choosing well, you're reaping in the benefits. Head on over to our testimonials page so see what people say.
  • What kind of juicer or blender should I look for?
    So you're thinking about exploring the juicy way? Amazing - welcome to the club! If you’re thinking about buying a juicer and incorporating juicing as part of your dietary lifestyle, INCREDIBLE. So where to start? Firstly, I'd like to say, don't put too much pressure on yourself to go big. Big changes are made by little steps along the path to optimal health and there is a lot of information to consume. So take things slow is my first piece of advice. Secondly, it doesn't have to be a costly change. My first juicer cost me £30 and it lasted me years so starting this journey does not have to cost you an arm and a leg. The cookworks is a centrifugal (fast juicer) and costs around £49.99. This juicer will do the job for what you’re looking for. There are plenty of others around, Phillips being a popular brand. From there you can move onto looking at the Cold press masticating juicers, where again, Phillips, Braun and Sage are all common top picks.
  • What is the difference between a Juice and a Blend?
    Juicing extracts the liquid from the whole fruit and vegetables, removing the bulk of the pulp leaving the easy to digest fibre. It is a quick and efficient way for the body to receive raw, concentrated nutrients. Perfectly adequate to consume either as a full package juice experience or in addition to your diet. Blending, or smoothing as better known, blitzes up the ingredients in their whole form. The difference being that a liquid base is required in order to do so. At NT Juice we use cold juicers to make our juice products and a blender to make our Juice 'n' Blend combos. However, what makes us different from the rest is that we combine our juices as our blend base. Therefore, creating 100% nutrient dense, raw juice and blends.
  • What's the difference between centrifugal blends and cold press juicers?
    Centrifugal juicers are known as fast juicers and cold pressed known as slow juicers. Beyond that are masticating juicers, known as the gold standard in the juicy world. The difference between these methods is the heat used to extract the liquid from the whole fruit and vegetable produce. What do we recommend at NT Juice? Well to be honest, there is little evidence that extensive nutrient quality is lost by using centrifugal juicers (contrary to popular belief!). A common ‘buzz word’ you might see when looking into this is ‘oxidation’. Products will fight for your attention by claiming their product to be the best due to minimising oxidation, or in Becca chat, reducing the loss of nutrients due to the heat conducted during production. The truth, yes there is a loss of nutrient quality by using heat, however little is lost and cold juicers are here to enable you to juice at demand whilst retaining nutrient quality.
  • How are my NT juices and blends made?
    At NT Juice we use centrifugal cold juicer machinery. We use this type of method ultimately to keep up with demand. However, here at NT our main priority is to supply you with the most nutritional juices available which is why our juicers use less than 1% heat to extract. So we're talking 1% loss in a 100% nutrient dense juice and blend. Our Blends are made using our NT Juices as the base, which means no added ingredients or water. They are together then blitzed in a 2Ltr capacity High Speed Blender. Finally, once the juicy goods are packaged up, they are frozen for nutrient quality and safety. Together team NT, carry out the full juicing process with passion and a whole lotta love!
  • Give me some more info around a NT juice package
    So you're thinking about giving your body that 3 day reset it needs, lets do this... On waking we recommend that you start the day with a hot lemon water. The aim of the NT Package is to enhance your ‘rest period’ and hot lemon water helps in maintaining the PH balance of the body, in turn maintaining digestive health. We have put together a loose structure for you to follow, not only for you to feel supported by us but to hopefully help in understanding why and how having a juice 'cleanse' is going to improve your health. We always recommend that you listen to your body and follow what works best for you. As to re-iterate, NT Juice is not a diet but an opportunity to rest and re-set the body and mind. We hope that this package lifts you and leaves you feeling energised for more. Day 1: 8am - Juice 1: Turbogreens 12pm - Juice 2: Celery Club 4pm - Juice 3: Golden Juice 8pm - Juice 4: The Red One So, your framework is to maintain a 4 hour window in order to regulate healthy glucose levels. If at any point you feel you need something extra then of course listen to your body just make mindful choices. We recommend something plant-based such as a banana, half an avocado with cracked black pepper and a squeeze of lemon or a handful or nuts as a satisfying option. However, we have found that it's often the case of habit and so breaking these habits will help you in the long-run to maintaining a healthy, happy lifestyle nutritionally. It's that saying of mind over matter. It's 3 days, totally doable, your juices are providing you with instant cell energy, your body is storing glycogen so your food for fuel is there. All juices will come labelled for you so all that's left for us to say is, You've got this!
  • Which NT product is for me?
    Packages The packages are a great option if you’re looking to hit the re-set button. Our 3 day package is going to give your body the rest it needs and get you started on creating new mindful lifestyle choices. We provide you with all the juice and blends needed for 3 days, a little support and a lot of love along the way. We also offer a trial package that will help you test the waters of juicing before you fully commit to a 3 day cleanse, a Power Pack when in need of those seasonal immunity boosts and lastly, we have the celery club. Singles The NT Juice singles came in as a way to create a daily habit of making healthy choices by incorporating juice into your diet. Either by meal replacement or in addition to your day. Shots Hello NT Juice Shots! We have a mix of raw extracted juice shots all with their own nutritional intention and health benefits. These are a great way to start the day and work as a great addition to a healthy, nutritional diet. Whatever your needs and goals, we got ya! Head over to our shop to view our full range of packages, singles and shots.
  • How should I expect to feel on my juice package?
    This is going to be different for everyone, however, it is important to be aware and prepared for the potential less desirable side effects. If your body is used to consuming refined sugar and caffeine, both addictive substances, then your body is going to let it be known when you’re running low. This might present itself in the form of headaches, tiredness or even sickness. Especially if you are new to juicing then your body might not be prepared for the good stuff. Don’t let us panic you as this is only for a short period, roughly the first 24hours. Once well rested the only way is up! Make sure to drink plenty of water, listen to body, take it easy and enjoy the journey of juicing On the other side you will experience the amazing benefits of a healthy and nutrient based diet. We are talking: • Hair, skin and nail improvement • Sleep quality • Increased energy • Elevated mood • Smooth running cognition • A sweet running bladder routine Nothing worth doing comes easy and we promise you that by taking this first step to make real change you will benefit, body and mind.
  • Do I need to do anything to prepare for a package?
    In the run up to your NT Juice package, especially if new to juicing, we recommend that you cut down on any inflammatory substances such as: • caffeine • refined sugars • dairy • processed foods in the efforts to reduce any symptoms that you could experience from withdrawal of these foods and substances. We also recommend that you increase you water intake to at least our recommended daily amount (RDA) of 2litres a day.
  • What will I receive in my NT juice package?
    1 NT Ginger shot pot for each day (30mls) 4 NT Juice Singles a day (500mls) - to be split across a 4 hour window, we recommend 8am, 12pm, 4pm and 8pm. 1 NT pot of raw cocoa for your own home making - either a refined sugar free chocolate milkshake or hot chocolate.
  • How do I store my juices?
    Once collected, we recommend that you freeze your juices straight away until required. Lift out the night before, pop on the side to defrost ready for morning (or in the fridge if looking to consume mid-later on the next day). Grab and go - for the healthiest pick me up ya gonna get! Your juices will remain safe up to 6 months in the freezer, not that they'll ever last that long!
  • Do I need to prepare any foods for my package?
    When on a NT Juice package everything you need is in the box provided. However, we are individuals and what we require as individuals differs from person to person. Here at NT Juice we want you to get the best out of your juicing experience. Because what is life without enjoyment. Unless feel in real to need to re-set on a full 3 day juice, there is the option to split the package over 6 days. This is a more balanced approach to juicing, for after you've had a good detox and you want to maintain those health habits but don't want to fully juice. So your box will come as a 3 day package however, the guide would look like this: Day 1 8am - Juice 1 12pm - Juice 2 4pm - A plant based snack 8pm - A light plant based evening meal We recommend that your snacks and meals are plant based in line with our products so that you feel the same great benefits as if you were on juice alone. This option provides the flexibility of being able to incorporate solid food alongside your juice package. If you think this option might suit you better then don't forget to add in your extra juice shot pots in the shop.
  • What can I drink whilst on a package?
    We recommend that you stay hydrated throughout your package meeting the minimum of at least 2litres of water a day in line with your recommend daily amount. Herbal teas such as fruit teas and peppermint teas are fine, however we recommend that you avoid green tea as this contains trace amounts of caffeine for that full cleanse experience.
  • Can I work out while on a package?
    Yeah of course! Our juices contain natural simple sugars, providing natural ready to use energy. However, we at NT always recommend that you listen to your body. So if it's sending out those signals to rest then please listen. If you're feeling ready to hit it then go get it. Just be mindful, treat your body with the respect it deserves and it'll pay it forward.
  • Will I loose weight?
    At NT Juice we are here as a resource and support to enhance your healthy lifestyle and nutrition is at the forefront of our mission. Weight loss is likely to occur after being on juice and blends alone for a few day, however we stand firm in our message that weight loss is a bonus NOT our main goal. NT is all about that healthy, happy lifestyle and we believe that comes from within. So our message is clear - eat well, feel well.
  • Can I juice in my pregnant?
    Yes, you can certainly juice while you're growing your baby. Not only can juicing help push through the morning sickness but you will be giving yourself and your baby 100% raw nutrients. We would recommend you to explore the NT Singles and Juice Shot range as these are super beneficial to both you and baby intaking and receiving key nutrients. Ginger has been shown to reduce the symptoms of sickness so if you’re struggling with morning sickness we would definitely recommend our NT Ginger shot, OJ Ginger shots and any juices or blends with ginger in! Congrats x
  • Can I juice when I'm breastfeeding?
    You absolutely can mama! Do you know that evidence shows that we need an extra 500 calories a day due to the magical demands of breastfeeding? May as well make those calories count with a juice or blend full of raw nutrients for you and your baby. Not only is it going to make you feel healthy, happy but it's a great way to juggle the demands of baby, and everything that comes with that from nappies to boobing, baby groups and washing, NT Juice has totally got your back all things nutrition on the go.
  • What do I eat after I finish a package?
    With regards to food reintroduction post package, the key is to go light and steady. A healthy lifestyle is the main priority so after a detox we want those mindful choices to continue. I am a realist and I, like anyone else, enjoy the luxuries in life such as coffee etc. So it is about being mindful of our choices, how our body responds and how they make us feel. Ask yourself, is it worth the after effect and make a decision based on that. If you want to continue to juice alongside a balanced, healthy diet then split juicing could be the option for you. Taking a 3 day package and splitting it across 6 days will mean you get both the benefits of juicing and the luxury of wholesome meals.
  • Raw Cocoa
    Are you familiar with raw cacao? Raw cacao comes from the cocao bean. It has high amounts of antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins. It’s raw, it’s pure and, as a result, it’s bitter so less is more. The super positive is that it comes without the glucose spike, and dip, as with an ordinary refined sugar product. Another health benefit is that it boosts our serotonin levels, the happy hormone! If you're opting for a full 3 day 'cleanse' you can request a raw pot of cacao in your package giving you the option of making a refined sugar free hot chocolate to sit back and relax with in the evening. To make the hot chocolate: Simmer on the hob any nut milk; hazelnut, almond, coconut or oat and add a teaspoon of the cocoa. Maybe even half and see how you go for taste preference.
  • Why is NT different to other products out there?
    Each one of our juices have been thoughtfully and specifically designed to give you the best nutrient value. All our products are nutritionist curated so that you feel secure in knowing you're in safe hands. All of our juices and blends are 100% raw, nothing removed nothing added. We are plant-based and remain true to this as we evolve with one of our core values being to bring you 100% nutrient quality without compromise. Our blends are one of a kind because in order to make a blend you need a liquid form as your blend base and where NT is different from the rest is that we use the raw juice as our base. For example, our forever fave Turbogreens blend is made using the NT Supergreens Juice as the base. Meaning together we’ve created a nutrient dense juice and blend combo. No water. Just all that juicy goodness. You’ll not find another product like us. At NT we are big on connections and that is why our products are fresh from our kitchen to yours. No delivery in between, just happy wholesome doorstep chats!
  • When do you restock on NT juice?
    NT Juice Shots are updated on the website every Wednesday evening by midnight and a full NT Juice re-stock of all NT Singles & Packages are added to the website on Friday's by 7pm. You can order anytime up to Wednesday collections 11am-6pm and the same goes for Friday collections 11am-6pm provided you have received your confirmation email. Please make sure you state your preferred collection day in the comments box on check out.
  • Where can I get my NT juice hit?
    Our NT Juice collection days are fixed and run from HQ Heysham, in Morecambe, on a Wednesday 11am-6pm and Friday 11am-6pm. You will need to bring your confirmation email with you for collection.
  • Can I find NT anywhere else?
    Not currently I'm afraid, however, we're always open to working with other local businesses previously stocking our NT products in shops, cafes and supporting retreat days so if this is something you're interested in, drop us a line in the contact us page.
  • How can I contact you?
    Hey! You can find one of the NT barista's at NT HQ Wednesday's and Fridays. We run our NT Juice collects on these days; Wednesday 11am-6pm and Friday 11am-6pm. If you have any q's before then, you can reach Becca and the team at: 07824720010 We're also linked up on socials where you can find us at: Facebook: NT Juice Instagram: ntjuice_
  • Do you offer wholesale?
    We do! Our juices are available at wholesale for; cafe's, shops, spas and retreat bookings, events and more. This extension to NT Juice is greatly satisfying as it is important that we connect with the right people in the right places, at the right time. Ultimately, working together to build a healthy happy community.
  • Food hygiene, Allergies and Intolerances
    All NT Juice products are made from our level 5 certified kitchen. What does this mean? Well, you're in safe hands in knowing that we ticked all the boxes and passed the test, with flying colours! We as a family and business are dairy free. Both our kitchen and products are free from dairy. At NT Juice, we pride ourselves on our juice and blends being made fresh from our home kitchen to yours. All products are made purely from fruit and vegetables, and although no nuts or seeds are added, the team work from a home kitchen and so snacks such as almonds are a hit with the babes! So with that said, it is important on ordering that you check the ingredients list of each product in the shop. We also ask that you state if there are any allergies or intolerances in the box on check out. The 14 allergens are: celery, cereals containing gluten, crustaceans, eggs, fish, lupin, milk, Molluscs, nuts, peanuts, sesame seeds, soya, sulphur dioxide (sometimes known as sulphites) The NT products containing allergens are: celery.
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