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This one is a special one for me, I hope for you too. As a mama to two I remember the first few days, weeks and months of finding our feet as mama and daughter/s. The late night/early morning feeds, looooong day feeds, nappy changes, going a little something like 'Feed, Change, No Sleep, Repeat. You've spent the best part of a year nourishing your baby from within and now the demand has cranked up, all focus on baby. But Mama, what about you? You can't pour from an empty cup and that's exactly why we've put this pack together, hopefully helping alleviate some of the 'to do' pressures, for you! 


A mix of 4 of our root healing, hydrating, which by the way is your basic health tool so downplayed and necessary, immunity supporting, inflammative reducing raw juices and functional juice shots. If you or another mama could benefit from this then we're here for you and hope to be a part of your next chapter too. Gift vouchers are available in the gift vocuhers tab, simply pop your amount in with a note for the person you're gifting the goods too and it'll fly straight in their emails, from you :)


All NT Juices and Blends are raw and unpasteurised made from fresh fruit and vegetable produce, frozen that same day to retain nutrient quality. From our freezer to yours, they remain safe to store for up to 6 months. Once thawed, for maximum healthy happy results, consume within 3 days. Juiced with love from our home kitchen where celery is present.

Mama's Medicine

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