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Introducing the Celery Club Pack, why?


Celery juice has fast taken over as one of the most popular daily practices of self-care 'cleansing' so it felt like the perfect fit in NT. We'll be honest, 100% celery juice might not be for everyone but, like some of our other juices that might not naturally be your 'go to favourite' I say go for it! Step out of your comfort zone because it's time to try something new. I genuinely LOVE this one and feel confident that once you're tastebuds have got to know and really understand why juicing should be a part of your happy healthy, you will too. Consumed ice cold, you'll be running back to us for more because that FEEL GOOD energy that comes from adding this simple juice into your day far outweighs those initial 'not for me' concerns. 


We recommend starting your day with this juice first thing in the morning for maximum healthy happy results, hydrating your internal environment with top quality, raw, live, micronutrient plant medicine. However, if that's not an everyday ideal for you, the Celery Club makes a great post workout replenish, restoring electrolytes lost through sweat. And we can't leave without mentioning gut health. Our gut is our second brain, our wellbeing centre and it's interconnected, looking after our mind, body, soul. We heal from within. And that's exactly why celery juice has stormed to the top, working it's magic throughout the digestive tract, fighting against oxidative stress for healthy happy status.


SO, if you're feeling a little 'stuck', we'd pop this juice pack to the top of the list.


All NT Juices and Blends are raw and unpasteurised made from fresh fruit and vegetable produce, frozen that same day to retain nutrient quality. From our freezer to yours, they remain safe to store for up to 6 months. Once thawed, for maximum healthy happy results, consume within 3 days. Juiced with love from our home kitchen where celery is present.

The Celery Club Pack

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